July 10, 2012


I finally got all our curriculum ordered! I am so excited for it all to get there. Hubs? Not so much. Poor guy has to carry it all home. I have updated the 2012-13 curriculum page for you to check out. But I will list what we chose with bonus items right here, right now. The kids are in bed, hubs is traveling and I should be doing homework but I can procrastinate a bit longer on that!
The majority of schooling will follow Sonlight Core A: Intro to the World: Cultures. It will include Bible, social studies, history, geography, lots and lots of reading, as well as a timeline to keep along this Sonlight journey. I will also be using Sonlight's Science A: Biology, Botany and Physics. Joshua loved Explode the Code last year so he will continue with that and Nikolas will start it. We will be adding in A Reason for Handwriting for a little extra practice. I will be following Sonlight's schedule for language arts. For math I chose Mathematical Reasoning from Critical Thinking. We will be using See the Light for art. I got the Art Class set for one year of lessons. And Joshua will be doing regular lessons on his guitar with Alfred's. I also got the Jesus Calling for Kids devotional. I love mine and I think it will be great to read together.
Some exciting tools that I was able to get are the Staple Better Binders (they are on sale but only until 7/14) and I am so happy that I did! Next I got a new printer because the one I got last year is... junk. And the cherry on top... a laminator! {I forgot to mention new sharpies, pens, pencils and highlighters, they make me so happy!}
Something crazy that happened was me winning a $250 gift certificate to Veritas Press! I used it to purchase quite a few reference books, the In A Flash series for math, lots of books for the boys and a couple for me, too. What a blessing that was. Everyone knows a homeschooler always needs more books!
My poor husband. teehee.
Sonlight Curriculum
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