July 12, 2012

Planning... the plan, anyway.

Praise God that Sonlight is mostly planned for me. That is one reason I chose it. Going to school full time myself doesn't leave a lot of extra time to plan. Sonlight allows me to spend more time with my family and less time at my desk. If you click on the banner you get $5 off when you order!
Sonlight Curriculum
I am a planner by nature though and these are a few things I use to plan:
-The Old Schoolhouse Planner for general planning like days we'll school, days we won't. The planners have a lot of pages that you can customize and are so much more than calendars. The new TOS planners are available for download now. If you sign up for a membership with Schoolhouse Teachers then you get the planners (ALL of them) for FREE! Plus The Old Schoolhouse magazine and new e-book every month and a TON of great resources. If you are military then you should still be able to sign up for FREE! YEP! FREE for military families!
-I stinking love Pinterest for so many reasons. I am very visual and it helps me so much. I'm sure it sucks more than a little time from my day but I have found some great stuff there.
-And this was a great tip that I will be doing this year for sure to keep schoolwork organized!
My fruity purse size planner!
-I also have a purse size weekly planner that I carry with me. I don't put anything school-y in it unless we are doing a field trip or something like that. It helps me plan everything else and keep track of my husband, too. I got it at Staples and Joshua picked it out for me. I added the tabs (they are from Martha Stewart's collection).
-In my last post I mentioned the Better Binders from Staples, they have reinforced binding and will last a lot longer than traditional 3 ring binders. I added some pocket dividers to mine and I am ready to fill it up! My "To-Do Today" came from Time-Warp Wife.

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