July 16, 2012

June Trip Home

It finally worked out for us to go to Vegas during the summer! My in-laws live there and we always ended up there during the colder months. The boys loved playing in their pool. They both got brave enough to go in the "big pool" but Joshua loved jumping in and staying in. Nikolas preferred the not-so-hot tub. We also went up to see my family and friends in Nor Cal. It was good to see those faces and to see my sister finally get married. Timing was perfect, I really didn't think we'd be able to go to the wedding. God knew how much I wanted to be there! He made it happen! He also cooled it off for us. I needed to buy a sweatshirt! It was a great trip.

My boys with Grandpa Ross and their squirt guns.

My parents on each end, Allison (my sister) and hubby Chris in the middle. 

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