June 23, 2010

Couples Devotion 6/23

Verse of the Day

Passage for the Day

Giving money to help meet the needs of the church or to help feed the hungry can seem financially impossible, especially for the cash-strapped newlyweds. That's why every couple needs a giving plan that is consistent with the financial priorities set forth in the Bible. If we don't, then life's inevitable surprises (car repairs, illnesses, another bill in the mailbox) will consistently interfere with our desire-and our ability-to give.
Unfortunately, much of our giving is one with discretionary dollars-that is, the money that is left over after the bills are paid and our family is supplied with food, housing and clothing. The problem is that for most couples there simply isn't much money left over; and we feel frustrated and guilty that we aren't able to give more.
That's why it's good to avoid leaving the amount of your gift to whatever cash is left over at the end of the month. Instead, set aside a certain amount every week. When you do this, you are setting aside money-as a first priority-to be given away. And you are removing some of the temptation to regard those "giving dollars" as discretionary finds to be used for family or personal expenses. 

  • How satisfied are you with your present level of charitable giving?
  • How can you make giving a higher priority each month? each year?
Additional Scripture Readings

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